Conflict Resolution in the Workplace Seminar

If conflict is considered a natural and inevitable part of our professional lives, then why do so many of us avoid it like the plague?

In order to be successful within our organizations, we must be able to handle the conflicts that are generated by constant change – yet many supervisors feel ill equipped to deal with it. Within the workplace, unresolved or poorly resolved conflict can lead to poor morale, decreased performance, increased sick time, and a reduced bottom line. But the good news is that properly managed, conflict can be turned into a productive force!

This seminar will give participants a critical understanding of the elements of conflict. Participants will increase their confidence in managing conflict by developing strategies to effectively deal with their subordinates, peers, and superiors.

Key Objectives
Diagnosing the causes of conflict.
Assessing the sources of conflict.
Recognizing our preferred conflict management pattern.
Planning effective strategies to turn win/lose into win/win solutions.
Developing anger management techniques to deal with stress and emotions.
Using a conflict management model to managing conflict at all levels within your organization.
Create effective communication strategies to resolve differences.

Who should attend?
Supervisors, team leaders, project leadrers who are responsible for managing people and conflicts.

Special Features
Individual exercises, role-plays, case studies.
Assessment instruments – DISC behaviour profile ( optional )
Video ( optional )

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