Customer Service Advantage Seminar

Today’s customers demand they get what they paid for. They compare and switch. And the places that gain (and keep) their business are organizations that anticipate their needs and are fully prepared to deliver the highest standards of service.

Quality customer service is the standard by which customers measure your performance. It is not a competitive advantage, it is THE competitive advantage!

This seminar is for organizations serious about improving customer service. It focuses on creating customer service specialists that present a positive attitude, can read customers needs, and know how to fulfil those needs.

Key Objectives
Understanding who your customers are (current demographics internally and externally), and where they come from (culture and gender).
Determining how your customers rate the importance of your organization’s reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangibles.
Developing positive strategies for meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Recognizing the power behind certain behaviours and the value of clear communication.
Assessing the true value of a lost customer and its ultimate long term impact on your business.
Implementing methods and techniques to retain dissatisfied customers.
Learning to problem solve and handle complaints with confidence.
Determining when it is and is not appropriate to say “NO” to a valued customer.
Determining when it is time to ‘fire’ the customer!
Effectively dealing with the ‘egos’ and ‘bad attitudes’ of extremely difficult customers!
Finding strategies for handling stress and staying motivated.

Who should attend?
Individuals with regular customer contact who want to learn the fundamentals of quality customer service.

Contact Michael about putting on this seminar at your workplace.