Dealing with Difficult People Seminar

Do you feel as though you are wasting a lot of time having to deal with an employee’s irritating and difficult behaviour? A few of them are difficult only some of the time. Then there are those who are a little touchy, too sensitive, on edge, stressed out and explosive – most of the time!

Are they: a) getting you down; b) wearing you down; c) slowing you down?

The ability to handle difficult people and cope with disruptive behaviour is an essential skill in today’s high stress environment.

The seminar participants will learn techniques and approaches to effectively respond to difficult people and improve performance.

Key Objectives
Identifying and understanding the behaviour of difficult people that undermine performance.
Exploring, understanding and evaluating your reactions to difficult people.
Diffusing emotionally charged situations.
Developing a personal strategy to create and apply appropriate responses to difficult co-workers.
Learning to say “No.”
Recognizing your defensive reactions.

Who should attend?
Managers, supervisors and team leaders who want to feel more comfortable when confronting inappropriate employee behaviour.

Special Features
Individual exercises, role-plays, case studies.
Assessment instruments – DISC behaviour profile ( optional )
Video ( optional )

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