Developing High Performance Teams Seminar

Team building is one the most critical challenges facing organizations today. In a constantly changing business environment, highly effective teams enable companies to react and seize opportunities, strengthen performance, and respond quickly to problems.

Team members must understand their roles in the team process and actively work to support each other in order to meet organizational expectations.

This training program provides participants with the essential skills and knowledge they need to function effectively in and around teams.

Key Objectives
Determine the characteristics of teams and generate a true commitment to team building.
Assessing a team’s needs and establishing the foundation for teamwork.
Understanding the impact of communication styles.
Planning and delivering feedback effectively and handling criticism.
Develop strategies for resolving team member conflicts.
Applying problem solving methods and facilitating team decisions that everyone supports.
Getting the most out of team meetings.
Capitalizing on synergy and creativity of a motivated team to create superior results.

Who should attend?
Designed for team leaders and members, supervisors, managers, and front line personnel, the program thoroughly presents critical aspects of team skills development based on organizational, team, and individual considerations.

Special Features
This skill based program is highly interactive and incorporates a variety of case analyses, skill application exercises ( using actual work processes), personal action planning, and practical reference tools for immediate application on the job.

Optional – Team Building Simulation – Desert Survival
An experiential learning exercise that allows participants to experience the co-operative synergy of a group of people working together to produce ideas, solutions and products that exceed the quality of those produced by individuals alone.

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