Mastering the Art of Negotiation Seminar

Are you tired of getting the short end of the stick in negotiations?

For most of us, negotiating is not something we come by naturally. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are directly involved in a negotiation. And when we do, we often wind up feeling uncomfortable, frustrated and angry because we didn’t get what we wanted from the negotiation.

The fact is that negotiation is a skill – and skills can be learned!

That’s great news because developing negotiating skills can be one of the most important management tools that you can have in today’s competitive environment.

In this seminar you will learn how to recognize opportunities to negotiate, as well as gaining a thorough understanding of the strategies, tactics, ploys, power plays and counter measures you need to succeed in any negotiation.

Key Objectives
Avoiding typical mistakes and pitfalls by understanding the objectives, principles and process of a negotiation.
Understanding and capitalizing on the negotiating strengths, styles and approaches of both parties.
Enhancing your cultural awareness and understanding of international negotiations.
Creating a solid game plan by conducting the proper research, developing realistic expectations, and establishing settlement ranges.
Determining the right starting position, controlling emotions and effectively implementing strategies, tactics, concessions, and counter measures.
Dealing with tough negotiators, tough tactics and breaking deadlocks.
Knowing when to walk away or bring the negotiations to a close.
Getting it in writing!

Who should attend?
Business professionals at all levels who negotiate for themselves or on behalf of their organization.

Special Features
Highly interactive session that allows participants to practice and apply negotiating theory in specific exercises, role plays and case studies.

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