Motivating Employees Seminar

Research by the Gallop Organization shows that 73% of workers are LESS motivated than they used to be. It also clearly indicates that 50% of workers are only performing to a level that allows them to keep their jobs, not excel at them!

Solving the mystery of what really motivates your employees will release incredible levels of pent up energy and have an amazing impact on individual and organizational performance.

This seminar shows participants how to identify, judge and remove obstacles to motivating people at work. The emphasis is on creating a working environment that encourages employees to be self-motivated, supported from top to bottom within their organization.

Key Objectives
Understanding the psychology of motivation.
Discovering how personality impacts motivation.
Learning why people matter and how they fit in.
Empowering your team to achieve results.
Motivating different and difficult people in your group.
Learning techniques and principles for achieving long term motivation.
Eliminating the negative motivators from within your organization.
Dealing with the challenge to motivation caused by uncertainty.

Who should attend?
Managers, supervisors and team leaders responsible for leveraging the talents of their employees for optimal performance!

Special Features
Interactive session includes individual exercises and group discussions.
Personality profile (DISC).
Video – optional

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