Persuasive Presentation Skills Seminar

Recent studies indicate that an investment in improving communication skills can have significant rewards in terms of business and career success! We all know this. In our own offices, we’ve seen projects go down the tube, not because they weren’t worthwhile, but because a person did not properly present the ideas behind the project. We’ve also seen people promoted more for their ability to communicate, persuade and project the right image than for anything else.

Nothing can project a more impressive image than the ability to express yourself effectively. But good communication skills help with more than just image. Being able to persuade, motivate, and impact those you work with not only increases your reputation, it also impacts your team’s ability to reach organizational goals. Isn’t that something you want?

Through lecture and discussion, verbal presentations, professional and self- evaluation, peer evaluation, and video feedback this seminar will help you develop the confidence and techniques you need to create and deliver high impact presentations.

Key Objectives
Preparing your presentation by selecting and organizing specific information.
Analyzing the environment, the current situation, your objectives and the needs of your target audiences.
Designing and using powerful visual aids.
Developing strategies for reducing anxiety and fear.
Delivering your message with confidence and style and exceeding audience expectations.
Tactics to keep control or regain it if things go wrong.
Handling questions and answers.
Evaluating objective feedback for reinforcement and continued growth.

Who Should Attend
Senior executives, managers, account executives and sales representatives who need to motivate, inform or persuade employees, peers, superiors, clients and shareholders.

Special Features
Participants are provided with video taped feedback on presentation topics that reflect participant’s real workplace situations.

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