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performance improvement,

legal perspectives,

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    MacLean & Company provides business training and consulting services to meet the performance improvement needs of private and public sector clients throughout Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

    Specializing in management development, personal effectiveness and legal awareness, our team of seasoned business professionals translate the best current thinking and practices into practical business skills and solutions.

    From needs assessment to implementation, MacLean & Company provides a comprehensive approach to long term training results.
    MacLean & Company is dedicated to building the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary for managers and supervisors to succeed in today's competitive global marketplace.
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    Are you looking for a keynote speaker who can motivate, encourage, and inspire? Check out what our team of coast-to-coast speakers can do.
    Simulations help people experience problem solving and decision making in a team environment and then learn how to improve their performance.
    Find out about our training needs analysis, program design and customization, performance tools, and our training blueprint.
    Learn and grow when you read the free articles written by our consulting team.
    Included are Fortune 500 Companies, as well as organizations from both the public and private sectors.
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